Fun Ways To Tell Your Fam You're Pregnant

Jan 15, 2020

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Fun Ways To Tell Your Fam You're Pregnant

First off, congratulations! First or fifth babe, this is always the best moment ever and we couldn’t be happier for you and your growing fam. One of the most exciting parts about the pregnancy journey is sharing the news with everyone you love, and there’s so many ways to do it. Check out our best ideas on how to make your announcement all you.

How to Tell Your Partner
Making a pregnancy announcement to husband, wife, or co-parent is one of the most amazing moments you will experience together. Whether you’ve been planning for a while or you’ve just received the most epic surprise, telling them will be a wow moment with even the smallest gesture. Here’s some ideas we love (if you can even wait to share the news):

Make it The Best Date Ever Cook (or order) a special dinner and bring out a diaper cake for dessert. You can also go out to dinner and secretly ask the waiter bring it out.

Wrap It in A Gift If it happens around a holiday or birthday wrap a cute diaper up and have them open it.

Hide The Surprise Around the House Fill a shelf in the fridge with baby food and ask your partner to grab something out of it for you. Frame a picture of the positive pregnancy test and replace the photo on their nightstand. Replace all the clothes in their top drawer with baby clothes.

Add To Your Best Memories DIY a video or photo album that shows all your favorite moments together at the end add a photo of your positive pregnancy test and a note that reveals your due date.

How to Tell Your Family and Friends

There’s nothing better than sharing the news of your new babe with all the people you love. The excitement is unreal and everyone will feel all the love together. Big reveals are certainly on trend right now and we’re loving it, but we’re also here for a low key moment. Here’s our favorite ways to pull it off no matter what your vibe is.

If You Want a Big Announcement:

Host a Surprise gender Reveal.

Invite your family and friends over for brunch and surprise them with a gender reveal party.

If You’re a Little More Low Key:

Capture the Moment.

Invite all your important people over for dinner. Then, secretly hire a photographer and have them enter the room wearing a sign that says your names and that you’re having a baby! That way, everyone will be looking right at the camera to capture their reactions.

Pregnancy Announcement Wording

Finding out you’re pregnant is one of those moments where you have 1000 things to say but you can’t find the words. We got you — here’s some of the cutest ways to say “We’re having a baby!”

  • “Our family is about to get bigger by two feet.” + Post a pic of baby shoes.
  • Post a pic of your kids and write “Big brother/sister duties start [due date].”
  • “The countdown begins. T- 6 months till our greatest adventure begins. We’re having a baby!”
  • “Happiness is on the way! [due date]”
  • “Growing a new branch on our family tree. I’m expecting a new member of our family.”
  • “Best news ever! A new baby is about to join our family’s story.”