Meet Product Management/UX Director Derrick Dinglasan

Meet Product Management/UX Director Derrick Dinglasan

Meet Product Management/UX Director Derrick Dinglasan

What is the most surprising thing you've learned while working at Honest?

Surprise is constant at Honest.  One morning I arrived at the office to find a nearby workstation had been transformed into a make-your-own Belgian waffle buffet complete with batter, fruits, syrup, whipped cream, and commercial-grade waffle makers—I’m still trying to get the syrup off my keyboard. On another day, people came to work decked out in suits/cocktail attire to celebrate "Formal Friday" in honor of our co-founder's birthday.  But the spontaneous culture aside, perhaps the most surprising thing I’ve learned is from the people that I work alongside everyday. Everyone at Honest displays a unique passion and dedication toward our brand, purpose, and customers, and does so with a fun and amazingly focused energy. From product development, marketing and design, to user experience and engineering, to warehouse fulfillment and customer care, the enthusiasm and pride that all team members bring to the office each day makes Honest a truly special place to work.  Without a doubt, that passion is what continues to surprise and inspire me with every initiative we work on.

Most Memorable Honest Moment?

There are a good amount of moments from which I can choose, but if I had to pick one moment that sticks out the most it would be when Honest participated in Tech Jam 2013, the annual all-day basketball tournament for Technology startups in Los Angeles. It was our first foray playing together on the courts as we battled it out with other startup notables such as Geni, ScoreBig, and Hulu for both a coveted miniature trophy and bragging rights. We may not have won that trophy (finished in 3rd place), but we definitely came out on top with our Honest style and spirit that Saturday afternoon in West Hollywood. We had the largest contingency (almost half our Santa Monica office at the time) cheering and supporting the team from the stands, and it was a truly amazing feeling coming together like that. Our company has grown in both basketball size and talent since then, so we’re very confident in our chances of claiming that trophy next year. Go Team Honest!

Favorite Product?

It’s hard to pick just one favorite Honest product since we really use and love them all.  Honest Wipes are a staple in our car; my wife raves about the deliciously scented Hand Soap; and the Conditioning Mist is always in our diaper bag to tame our son Dylan’s crazy tresses. But summer’s not quite over and the sun is usually beaming in Southern California, so I have to go with the limited edition Knockaround Sunglasses. Not only does it protect my son from harmful UV rays (especially when paired with Honest sunscreen), but it also keeps him looking stylish when out and about in LA or on a tropical vacation. Dylan loves rockin’ his white shades.

How do you embrace the Honest lifestyle at home?

I can credit my wife for first introducing our home to a more all-natural and organic lifestyle. In fact, it was one of the reasons I was excited to join The Honest Company almost a year ago. I never realized how many potentially hazardous ingredients are hidden in everyday household items until our firstborn was on his way and I watched my wife read every label meticulously, eliminating products that contained parabens, formaldehyde, sulfates, and many other chemicals I hadn’t heard of. Since then, we’ve embraced the Honest lifestyle by selecting products that are safest for our toddler and family.

If you weren't at work, what would you be doing?

Outside the office I’m always looking to travel to new destinations around the world or to pop by the Philippine Islands to visit family. When staying local in Southern California, I try to take full advantage of the year-round amazing weather and activities the beach and nearby mountains have to offer. From sunning it up at the beach during the summer months to hitting the slopes at nearby Mammoth or Park City in the winter to shooting hoops at the recreational basketball courts around the city, the best is just a few steps around the corner on the Westside.

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