#GimmeFive Challenge: Get Your Fruits & Veggies!

#GimmeFive Challenge: Get Your Fruits & Veggies!

Remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Now it’s time for the next viral sensation - all you have to do is #GimmeFive! To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign encouraging health and fitness, the First Lady herself is challenging the nation to share their own 5 tips for a healthier, happier life. Here’s more info direct from the White House:

We here at Honest are saying challenge accepted to the First Lady! After all, we’re already invested in growing healthy kids. So, we’re taking the cue from our friends and social goodness partners at FoodCorps to take on the challenge of getting today’s children on track for a bright, healthy future.

#GimmeFive: Challenge Accepted!

Here are our #GimmeFive ways to get healthy by eating more fruits and veggies. Trust us, it’s easier than you’d think!

  1. Drink more water and make it fun by adding fruit! Water on its own can get a little boring, but infusing it with fruit gives it flavor and extra health benefits.
  2. Make a soup! Soups are the perfect place to pack in a bunch of veggies. Plus, because soups can be prepared ahead of time and pretty much cook all on their own, you’ll spend less time in the kitchen. Convenience is key when it comes to eating healthy.
  3. Get to know your greens so you can keep things interesting. By experimenting with different types of veggies, you’ll teach your kids to be more adventurous with their eating habits and avoid getting stuck in a food rut.
  4. Fortify your favorite recipes for a boost of nutrition. Fruits and veggies don’t always have to take center stage, but can be added in to up the ante on an entree. You can also make a swap, like using zucchini as noodles for a tasty “pasta” dish the whole family will love.
  5. Get your green smoothie on! Blend up your favorite fruits and veggies with some organic yogurt and you’ll suit even the pickiest of eaters.

Now we’re challenging you! Tag your suggestions on social media using #GimmeFive and get in on the fun.

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